Affordable Fabric Resistance BandsWorking out and setting ambitious fitness goals should be challenging, but doesn't have to be expensive. Skip the expensive gym memberships and equipment with the help of affordable fabric resistance bands. You'll feel the effects in your arms, shoulders, glutes, core, and so much more.

How Do Affordable Fabric Resistance Bands Work?

Affordable fabric resistance bands offer resistance when working out. Whether you're using long bands or glute bands, your muscles get a challenge with light to heavy resistance levels. In addition to being so affordable, our fabric bands come with a cute and stylish carrying case to tote to the gym. They're also small enough to fit in your purse or suitcase so you can take them on the road.

Blue Be Happy Long Band

You can't help but be in a great mood with this Blue Be Happy Long Band. It adds that medium to heavy resistance you need for a challenging routine with a whimsical style. 

Caribbean Glute Band

Get into that Caribbean state of mind with our Caribbean Glute Band. As one of the best affordable resistance bands on the market, they make a fabulous addition to your collection. Throw one in your suitcase and take on your next beachfront vacation. 

Black Cheetah Glute Band

Meet our wild child glute band. SuzieB Fitness' Black Cheetah Glute Band is among the best affordable fabric resistance bands and a customer favorite. It's perfect for lunges, kickbacks, glute abduction exercises, and more. 

Flower Child Long Band

This long band packs in the flower power. Put away your weights! Our fun and stylish Flower Child Long Band challenges your muscle groups and areas of your body to help challenge your muscles. 

Pink Be Happy Long Band

Your spirits and energy will fly high with this adorable Pink Be Happy Band. Enjoy the colorful touch for your next work out with our entire collection of affordable fabric resistance bands. 

Pastel Butterfly Long Band

The Pastel Butterfly Long Band flies high during your next workout. It's among the most affordable fabric resistance bands around and so fun to use. It's easy to see why it's among our customers' favorite for its style, durability, ease of use, and commanding results. 

Yellow Flower Long Band

Florida Glute Band

The Florida Glute Band is a fresh of breath air that feels like beachfront fun. As one of the most affordable fabric resistance bands on the market, it's perfect for a home workout or to bring along to the gym to uplevel your squats and hip thrusts. 

Groovy Baby Glute Band

Make your workout extra groovy with our colorful Groovy Baby Glute Band. Add it to your collection of affordable fabric resistance bands to work on your glutes and endurance.

Hawaii Glute Band

You'll practically feel the tropics calling your name with this Hawaii Glute Band. It's vibrant, colorful and fun for an island-themed workout you'll love. 

Rainbow Glute Band

Keep your life colorful and whimsical with the help of a Rainbow Glute Band. With a light to medium resistance band, it's affordable and fun to use.

Sahara Glute Band

The Sahara Glute Band comes in a medium resistance to challenge your glutes. It's easy to see why it's one of the best fabric resistance bands on the market.

Retro Vibes Glute Band

Our Retro Vibes Long Band adds a splash of color and fun to your next trip to the gym or home garage. Use it to target your muscles to strengthen and tone without the need for bulky weights.

Cheetah Long Band

The ferocious Cheetah Long Band adds more resistance to your workout. It's perfect for pull-ups, squats, dead lifts, and more. 


Cheetah Long Band - Best Fabric Resistance Bands

Sailor Glute Band

This adorable Sailor Glute Band is a crowd-pleaser. It's fun, sassy, and gets results whether you're working out at home or waterside.

Reviews: The Best Fabric Resistance Bands

"I love this company and the products. My item shipped so fast and it is such great quality. I will definitely be ordering more!" - Melissa T.

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE Suzie’s bands. I use them daily in the stair master and they last forever. My previous two bands lasted 2+ years with daily use on them. Incredibly made and worth every cent." - Abby S.

"OBSESSED. OBSESSED. OBSESSED. I can’t get enough of these bands and prints! Oh and the shipping was SO quick! HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Thank you Suzie for creating quality gym accessories for an affordable price!" - Chloe B.

"The absolute cutest glute band and pattern on earth!!! The packaging is even as cute as the band!!" - Hannah L.

Ready to Purchase Affordable Fabric Resistance Bands?

SuzieB Fitness offers fun and affordable fabric resistance bands to work your glutes, arms, and major muscle groups without the need for weights. Our products are durable, high-quality, and even come with a matching carrying case to tote your products to the gym or during travel. 

Ready to take your fitness routine to new levels? Browse our entire collection of affordable fabric resistance bands on the market and get in great shape now. Learn more about affordable fabric resistance bands here.