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Exercise should be fun and accessible while still offering a challenging workout. You may love a good circuit at the gym, but there are other ways to challenge yourself and see results. We created the best aerobic band for women on the market to help strengthen your core, target major muscle groups, and offer a challenging workout at the same time. Whether you're looking for a light to strong resistance band, you can find what you're looking for with SuzieB Fitness. Here's where to get started.

Galaxy 2.0 Long Band

The Galaxy 2.0 Long Band is out of this world! You'll love showing it off at the gym or working out at home.

Alien Long Band

The mothership is calling! Our Alien Long Band is a fun addition to any workout accessory collection. 

Holographic Long Band

Put down the barbells and reach for this Holographic Long Band. As one of the best aerobic bands for women, it's perfect for pull-ups, squats, deadlifts. Add it to your regular workout routine at home or the gym.

Holographic Long Band - Best Long Bands

Caribbean Glute Band

Feel like you're working out waterside with our dreamy Caribbean Glute Band. It's easy to tote to the gym or beach with a compact carrying case.

Best Aerobic Band for Women: Pastel Butterfly

Butterflies make every workout feel a little more whimsical. Our Pastel Butterfly Long Band is made from high-quality sparkle fabric that won't rub off on your hands. 

 Yellow Flower Long Band

Zodiac Glute Band

Make an impression with our Zodiac Glute Band for an out-of-this-world workout. 

Dark Tie Dye Pink Long Band

Add a splash of color to your workout with our fun Dark Tie Dye Pink Long Band. Try it with arm curls!

Dark Pink Tie Dye Long Band

Black Cheetah Glute Band

This light to medium resistance Black Cheetah Glute Band is as sassy as it is durable. Slide it on and work your glutes for fierce results.

Rainbow Glute Band

The Rainbow Glute Band is the perfect way to tackle your lower body workout routine. It's challenging, fun, and adds a pretty touch to your collection.

Black Sparkle Glute Band

Jazz up your routine with our unique Black Sparkle Glute Band. It's sparkly, but won't rub off and is woven right into the fabric. 

Flower Child Long Band

Feel extra groovy with our Flower Long Band. It's a throwback to more colorful times where workouts were ready to jazzercise into a new era.


Cow Print Glute Band

Our Cow Print Glute Band makes a statement during your next workout. Try it with your CrossFit routine or favorite workout to uplevel your fitness goals.

Cloud Glute Band

Your head will feel like it's in the clouds with our Cloud Glute Band featuring a medium to heavy resistance. It's perfect for warming up, kickstarting your fitness routine, and cool down. 

Navy Tie Dye Glute Band

The Navy Tie Dye Glute Band is durable, cute, and always ready for a workout. Pair it with your favorite heavy resistance band to bring more variety to your workout. 

Dark Pink Tie Dye Glute Band

Show off your unique personality and style with the Dark Pink Tie Dye Glute Band. It adds heavier resistance to your workout and replaces the need for a dumbbell or barbell collection. Try this band with squats and deadlifts and watch your body transform.

What Workouts Can I Do with the Best Aerobic Band for Women?

Resistance bands can often replace the need for weights in your workout. Reimagine what's possible by thinking about which of your go-to exercises require resistance. Here are a few exercise ideas for your best aerobic band for women:

  • Pull-ups
  • Squats
  • Dead lifts
  • Arm Curls
  • Shoulder Raises
  • Stretching
  • CrossFit
  • And many more  

How Do I Order the Best Aerobic Bands for Women?

SuzieB Fitness makes it easy to get started building a collection of the best aerobic bands for women. Choose from our wide variety of long bands, glute bands, ankle straps, and more. They're high-quality and durable and come with a matching carrying case for easy portability.

Purchase the Best Aerobic Band for Women on the Market

Ready to purchase the best aerobic band for women on the market? Browse SuzieB Fitness' entire collection here.  


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