Ankle Straps

Working out requires more than just a rock-solid routine, but the right equipment, like ankle straps. With a focus on durability, quality, and value, you can maximize your workout results without compromising on style.

Not sure where to start? Here's what to know about ankle straps before you buy. 

What Are Ankle Straps?

Ankle straps are a gym accessory that straps around your ankle. They should be easily adjustable and come with a hook to strap onto a piece of gym equipment. Attaching ankle straps to pulley machines are the most common use. You can also use ankle straps to enhance exercises that aren't done on a machine to increase strength and endurance. 

How Do Ankle Straps Work?

Ankle straps provide resistance to your lower body while you're performing strength exercises. They help strengthen your muscles and give you a more intense workout. With the help of ankle straps, you ultimately enhance your workout routine and uplevel your results.

What Do Ankle Straps Feel Like?

A quality ankle strap should feel snug and secure but not hurt your ankle or lower body. If you're experiencing pain, it could be the quality of the product you're using. 

When you're using ankle straps during exercises or with a machine, you should feel some resistance and like you're getting a more challenging workout. Depending on the activity you're doing, you may feel a strain in your thighs, glutes, or other areas of your lower body.  

What Should I Look for in an Ankle Strap?

If you're new to the world of ankle straps and gym accessories, you should always start by purchasing from a reputable retailer. A fly by night generic seller on Amazon or eBay may not know if the ankle strap is durable or not or how it performs. 

Your ankle strap should also be something you're excited to use. Browse our selection of Suzie B Fitness ankle straps like this Cheetah Ankle Strap. It's fun, durable, and comes with a convenient printed poly bag to easily tote to the gym.

What Workouts Can I Do with Ankle Straps?

Ankle straps are ideal for machine pulleys and exercises that work on your lower body. Here are a few ideas of how to slide on your new ankle straps and incorporate them into a challenging workout:

  • Cable Kickbacks
  • Cable Hip Abductors
  • Cable Hamstring Curls
  • Inner Thigh Contractions

Besides offering the best accessories for fitness enthusiasts, SuzieB Fitness also offers workout plans that are just right for you. Get customized solutions for your needs and challenges to create the best plan for you.

Are Expensive Ankle Straps Worth It?

Ankle Straps should be high-quality and stylish without breaking your budget. An expensive strap is probably not worth the cost. It's also unlikely to improve your workout dramatically more than when using a less expensive band.

SuzieB Fitness products are designed with fitness buffs in mind who want results at a reasonable price. Our products are also known for their long-lasting durability and increase your strength. Pair an ankle strap with our glute bands for a comprehensive workout that challenges your goals.

Can You Clean Ankle Straps?

Any types of gym bands or gear are prone to getting dirty after regular use and wear. Look for ankle straps that can be occasionally washed with soap and warm water to touch up their appearance. 

Are You Ready to Take Action?

Figuring out the best ankle straps for you shouldn't be a time-consuming process. Find the best quality, style, and price, and order today. Your new gear will enhance your time at the gym and reach your goals faster than you imagined.

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