Gym resistance bands for women empower your next workout without the need for fancy exercise equipment or a big investment of time and money. Resistance bands are easy to use while making an impact and can even replace the need for weights or enhance your usual workout routine

Gym Resistance Bands For Women

How Do Gym Resistance Bands for Women Work?

Gym resistance bands for women come in a variety of resistance levels from light to extra heavy. You can use them with calisthenics and with your favorite exercises to impact your results. Here are a few exercises you can use with resistance bands:

  • Pull-ups
  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Arm Curls
  • Shoulder Raises
  • Stretching
  • CrossFit
  • And many more

Get motivated to uplevel your workout with our gym resistance bands for women to help you get inspired. Here are some of our favorite styles to help you get started.

1) Florida Glute Band

The Florida Glute Band makes you feel like you're working out in the sunshine. Enjoy the vibrant color for your collection of gym resistance bands for women.

2) Caribbean Glute Band

Our Caribbean Glute Band is a gorgeous addition to your collection of gym resistance bands for women. The complimentary carrying case makes it easy to travel with or take to the gym.

3) Hawaii Glute Band

The Hawaii Glute Band motivates you with its colorful style and waterfront inspiration. Slide it over your thighs for squats and more.

4) Galaxy 2.0 Long Band

The Galaxy 2.0 Long Band helps you blast off on your next workout. Get results from this light to medium resistance for a satisfying experience.


5) Zodiac Best Resistance Long Band

Get in touch with your higher self with our Zodiac Long Band. Its starry theme design keeps you motivated to keep going while feeling the impact of a light to medium resistance.

6) Sahara Glute Band

The Sahara Glute Band is perfect for your glutes, hips, and thighs with its light to medium resistance. As one of our gym resistance bands for women, you'll love how it challenges your next workout.

7) Retro Vibes Long Band

This Retro Vibes Long Band is an extra groovy addition to your collection. Enjoy how it targets your muscle groups without the need for bulky weights.

8) Holographic Long Band

The Holographic Long Band keeps your momentum going while doing pull-ups, squats, deadlifts, and more.

Holographic Long Band - Best Long Bands

9) Neon Pink Long Band

The Neon Pink Long Band is a super heavy resistance long band to uplevel your pull-ups and tricep dips. It's colorful, affordable, and adds more intensity to your workout.

10) Black Sparkle Long Band

The Black Sparkle Long Band is sparkly without the risk of shedding. Instead, the sparkle is woven directly into the fabric for a dynamic look. Best of all, it provides a powerful workout.


11) Blue Butterfly Long Band

Fly away with this cute Blue Butterfly Long Band. It's perfect for stretching, CrossFit, squats and more that easily fits into your purse or gym bag. 

Gym Resistance Bands For Women Reviews

"I've been using SuziB b bands for over a year now and I'm always blown away with the quality of the bands!! not to mention the cute patterns! I've recommended these bands to all of my friends, family, and clients. These are a must have!" Michelle K.

"I freaking love this band! It's so cute!!! Suzie nailed this design. They make my workout so much better and the results are amazing. I feel the burn while I'm working out and I love it!" - Danyale A.

"I absolutely love this booty band. I used to buy the rubber ones for lighter resistance and they always break. This one is durable and I can tell it will never break! I didn’t think I’d be able to find a lighter resistance band that was also durable, but this one is it!" - Lisa B.

How Do I Use Resistance Bands?

Check out our resistance bands in action with SuzieB Fitness' Instagram channel:



How Do I Order Gym Resistance Bands For Women?

SuzieB Fitness's collection of long bands and glute bands are stylish, effective, and helps you stay motivated at the gym or your home workout. Choose from light to heavy resistance, or build a collection to accommodate stretching, warm-ups, and intense workouts. 

Ready to take your fitness routine to new levels? Browse our entire collection of gym resistance bands for women and take control of your fitness future.