Best Resistance Bands for 2021 for your workoutWhether you’re starting a new work-out routine at the dawning of the new year or waiting until summer to get in shape, you need a plan to take action. We always hear about failed new year’s resolutions, but what about the success stories? According to research, people with a gym membership had 14 times higher odds of meeting their weekly physical activity guidelines. 

A gym membership coupled with the right work-out routines and the best resistance bands for 2021 can get you in the best shape of your life. Here’s how to get started with some of our favorite fitness tools and techniques for 2021.

Pick Inspiring Glute Bands

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Nothing replaces a good work-out and healthy diet, but glute bands can give your fitness routine an upgrade. The resistance helps create muscle while going through your training. Focusing on increasing the band's intensity and your exercise helps stimulate your muscles and meet your fitness goals. 

Glute bands are also highly portable and crush any excuses for not making it to the gym. Use them at home, outdoors, after a hike, or while traveling to see friends and family. 

Choose glute bands in all colors and patterns, so why not make it inspiring? Instead of reaching for the same glute, mix up your collection with patterns like our Elsa Glute Band. Glute bands are also relatively inexpensive, considering the impact they can make so that you can add one to your routine every day of the week. 

If you’ve never used glute bands, slide them around your thighs, as shown in this Instagram video. Then try doing a set of squats, lunges, kickbacks, and more.

Choosing the Best Resistance Bands for 2021

Suzy B long resistance band

Like glute bands, long bands are also an effective way to build muscle and stay fit. Medium to heavy resistance targets specific muscle groups depending on your exercise of choice.

They can even replace the need for dumbbells or barbells. Combine them with pull-ups; shoulder raises, stretching, and more. They also work well with your CrossFit routine.

Make sure whatever products you use are known for their high quality and durability. Long bands should stretch and be used in a hard work-out again and again without wear and tear. 

Grab Some Accessories

Suzy B ankle strap gym gear

In addition to the Best Resistance Bands for 2021, barbells can still make a dynamic impact on your squats, lunges, and hip thrusts. The issue is barbells can cause pressure on your shoulders, neck, and back and turn your work-out into a painful experience. 

Grab bar pads in a variety of prints and colors to bring more comfort into your fitness routine. The foam pad and velcro lining wrap around your barbell easily so you can use it at home or take it to the gym.  

Ankle straps are also a game changer for the gym. Use ankle straps with a cable machine to tone your lower body and improve your workout. The only problem is gym ankle straps are often dirty and overused. Bring your own with a portable ankle strap with a cushioned lining to add comfort to your routine.

Incorporate Your Resistance Bands and Pads Into Your Home Work-out

Learn more about Suzy B Fitness virtual workout programsWhatever your fitness goals, you need a work-out plan designed for achievable success.

It’s possible to rely on your usual routine and see results, but you won’t get the same impact as targeting specific muscles that create the body you’re looking for. 

Our Leg and Booty Plan 2.0 focuses on the areas you want to redefine the most. A winter or summer body plan covers all muscle groups. We designed our plans with strength, muscle building, and fat loss results in mind. Grab your bands and pad and add to your standard equipment like dumbells, shoulder press, and stability ball, among other standard gym equipment.  

Refine Your Work-Out

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Starting a new work-out and using the best resistance bands for 2021 requires refining your technique. Watch your form in the mirror for an upright posture, and pay attention to any aches and pains. A good work-out should feel challenging but not so painful you can’t move forward.

At the same time, if you’re not feeling any true resistance or challenge, you probably need to put more into your work-out. The trick is to find balance and refine your approach to find an ambitious comfort level that allows you to work towards your goals. In other words, don’t expect to do an hour of dumbbells, deadlifts, and resistance bands your first time at the gym if you’ve never done this type of work-out before.

With some dedication and the right approach, 2021 can be the year you crush your fitness goals. Start creating a new body and work-out with the best resistance bands for 2021and a fitness plan that optimizes your work-out for the best results.