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No goal was ever met without a little sweat


Working out at the gym is a great way to tone up. The cable machine is one of the best ways to work out and tone your lower body (as seen in this Instagram video). Our Cowgirl Ankle Straps from our spring/birthday collection are too perfect and can easily fit in your gym bag.

The first benefit you'll notice with our beautifully designed Ankle Straps, is how soft and comfortable they are. Say goodbye to the dirty and used ankle straps at the gym and use your own, more sanitary ones!

Enjoy your workouts more with our fuzzy cushioned lining and securely tightened straps.

You can use the ankle straps for workouts like:

  • Cable Kickbacks
  • Cable Hip Abductors
  • Cable Hamstring Curls
  • Inner Thigh Contractions

The ankle straps feature a SuzieB logo on the front rubber label and come in a printed poly bag. Check Instagram for Suzie's videos to see how it is used.

Includes one pair of ankle straps.


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