Home workout bands are elastic, resistant bands used to improve your strength training. They can replace the need for dumbells and barbells, are affordable, and travel with you anymore. Studies also show that resistance bands can be as effective at increasing strength as free-weights.

However, not all home workout bands are created equally. Some home workout bands aren't strong enough to significantly impact your muscles during a workout. Others are too weak and can tear or break over time. 

The goal is to find durable, high-quality home workout bands that play to your personality and preferences. Why settle on plain, boring bands instead of unique and colorful options with just the right resistance?

Here are ten unique home workout bands to choose from.

1) Cheetah Glute Band

This Cheetah Glute Band adds a sassy and fun accent to your next workout. Use this home workout band to target specific muscle groups. You can replace the need for dumbbells or barbells and use your new favorite band to help maximize your pull-ups, deadlifts, stretching, or your CrossFit routine.

Cheetah Print Home Workout Bands

2) Pink Sparkle Glute Band

Add some sparkle to your workout routine with a Pink Sparkle Long Band to add more resistance to your workout. It comes with a complementing case that can tuck into your purse or workout bag. 

Pink Sparkle Home Workout Bands

3) Dark Pink Tye Dye Glute Band

Find the pot at the end of your workout rainbow with a Rainbow Glute Band. Place the band around your thighs and upgrade your squats, hip thrusts, and kickbacks. It's also beautifully crafted and durable for your regular workout routine.

Dark Pink Tye Dye Glute Band

4) Ariel Glute Band

The Ariel Glute Band's gorgeous color gives you a challenging workout, whether you're at home or the gym. It's also easy to travel with, so you can take your squats, glute abduction exercises, and lunges to the beach, mountaintops, or on your next business trip.

Ariel Glute Band

5) Elsa Long Band

Why settle for boring when you can slip on the Elsa Long Band? This whimsical and blue band feels like you're working out in a fairy tale. Some of our customers also report their kids to love the Elsa inspired band and incorporate it into their own workouts and athletic routines.

Elsa home workout band

6) Rainbow Long Band

Find your luck at the end of your workout rainbow. It's no wonder why our customers are obsessed with this Rainbow Long Band. It's gorgeous, versatile, and incorporates easily into your daily at-home workout or trip to the gym. These home workout bands get bonus points for jazzing up your fitness apparel. 

Rainbow Long Band home workout bands

7) Golden Leopard Long Band

Embrace your wild side with the Golden Leopard Long Band. You get the resistance you need for your deadlifts and shoulder raises or your favorite workout. Long-lasting and reliable, you'll love how it improves your results while making you look great.

Rainbow Long Band home workout bands

8) Pastel Tie Dye Long Band

The Pastel Tie Dye Long Band tucks away easily in your purse or gym bag for a fun and colorful fitness surprise. Take it along to your next CrossFit class or workout at home on your squats and deadlifts. It's the perfect length and color for a fun and affordable workout that never goes out of style.

Pastel tie dye unique long band

9) Black Marble Long Band

Give your workout a sophisticated touch with a Black Marble Long Band. You'll love its classic print with a twist that's ideal for you or anyone on your wish list. This home workout band is also high-quality and designed to last. 

Black marble long band

10) Winston and Suzie B Long Band

We might be biased, but the Winston X SuzieB Band gives you the fitness results you're looking for in a limited edition design. Enjoy a medium to heavy resistance that can replace the need for dumbbells and barbells. 

Winston and Suzie B long band

Ready to take your workout routine to new levels? Select the best home workout bands that speak to your unique style. Shop our selection of unique glute bands or durable long bands