Investing in a gym membership or working out at home can start to add up. Instead of adding expensive accessories to your shopping list, focus on how to make an impact in your workout without breaking your budget. Our affordable barbell pads for women make your workout more comfortable so you can crush your fitness plateaus. 

What are Affordable Barbell Pads for Women?

When you lift weights and try to strengthen your core with hip thrusts, you've probably experienced some pain. Instead of pushing through it, that pain is a signal to slow down and make changes. However, you don't need to give up on weights altogether. Instead, reach for our affordable pads for women. Their high-density foam and fabric cover wraps around your barbells easily and attaches with velcro.

We don't do average and are not a fan of the tired barbell pads you'll find a the gym. Suzie Fitness affordable barbell pads for women come beautifully crafted with a foam pad and stylish design to help you stay motivated.

What Are Some of the Best Affordable Barbell Pads?

Browse some of our fun, stylish, and effective barbell pads to uplevel your time in the gym.

Cheetah Barbell Pads

This crowd-pleasing favorite is comfortable to use and reduces pressure on your shoulders. It also motivates you to keep going your workout.

Cherry Bar Pad

Get a sweet looking barbell pad designed to turn heads. It offers a splash of color and brings more comfort while shattering your fitness goals. 

Pink Be Happy Bar Pad

This Pink Be Happy Bar Pad brings a smile to your face. It's colorful, fun, and brightens your next workout.

Cow Print Bar Pad

Wrap this Cow Print Bar Pad around your barbell for an enjoyable, pain-free workout. You'll love its unique love while strapping it onto the barbell for your next round of hip thrusts. 

Blue Butterfly Bar Pad

You don't need to ground yourself, you just need an excuse to workout with your head in the clouds. Our Blue Butterfly Bar Pad helps your shoulders, neck, and back feel great for an enjoyable workout. 

Not seeing your favorite style? Suzie B Fitness continuously updates our affordable barbell pads for women. Check back regularly or follow us on Instagram to see the latest designs. 

How Do Barbell Pads Work?

Barbell pads make working out more comfortable and helps reduce the risk of injury. They're easy to tuck in your gym bag and strap on quickly. Wrap them around your barbell and velcro securely. Give it a test before you really get going on working up a sweat.

What Workouts Can You Do with Affordable Barbell Pads for Women?

The best barbell pads are perfect with a variety of workouts, including:

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Hip thrusts

Get even more workout ideas to use with barbell pads on SuzieB Fitness's Instagram page. Check out Suzie using one of our best barbell pads in this video:



Check Out Reviews for Our Best Barbell Pads

"So worth the purchase! I am able to lift and thrust so much more weight now with this without the bar digging into my hips!"

"I ordered because it was just too cute!! I had never ordered from Suzie before but I had heard good things. Glad I purchased, it’s nice and firm (not too soft that you immediately feel the bar through it). I’ve gotten compliments on it when I brought it with Me to the gym and it shipped quick."

Ready to Order the Best Barbell Pads?

SuzieB Fitness offers stylish and high-quality gym accessories to uplevel your workout. Browse our entire collection of affordable barbell pads for women.