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fit woman smiling - Affordable Home Workout BandsGetting in a powerful workout doesn't need to cost a fortune. You also don't need costly gym equipment or even a membership to stay in shape. Affordable home workout bands are easy to use, affordable, and effective.

Research shows that you should work on your strength training exercises at least twice a week to stay in shape and challenge your body.

Ready to try them for yourself? Check out SuzieB Fitness' selection of affordable home workout bands.

1) Blue Butterfly Glute Band

This Blue Butterfly Glute Band challenges your glutes for a hard workout at home. It's small enough to fit in your purse, pocket, or gym bag. It also comes with a great carrying case. Try them with squats, hip thrusts, and more. 

2) Ariel Glute Band

Get inspired with this gorgeous Ariel Glute Band in purple and lavender. Place the band around your thighs and use it as a resistance band for squats, hip thrusts, and more. It's portable, convenient, and looks incredibly stylish.

3) Black Cheetah Glute Band

You'll love the powerful look of this affordable glute band. It sets a new bar for your workouts. The woven fabric and print are also fun and sassy, so you stay motivated during your workout. Try this glute band with lunges, kickbacks, glute abduction exercises, and more.

4) Cherry Glute Band

The Cherry Glute Band is a throw-back nostalgic style for squats and glute activation workouts. It's fun, inspired, and brings some color and charm to your next workout. 

5) Cheetah Glute Band

This spirited Cheetah Glute Band supercharges your squats, hip thrusts, glute abduction exercises, lunges, and more. This affordable glute band gets bonus points for being stylish enough to blend with just about any workout gear.

6) Holographic Glute Band

Get excited about your next workout with this whimsical Holographic Glute Band. The light to medium resistance gets your training going and targets the muscle groups you want to refine. 


7) Navy Tie Dye Glute Band

Choose a light to medium resistance with the Navy Tie Dye Glute Band that targets specific muscle groups. It's beautifully crafted and takes your workout to new levels. Pair it with your favorite heavy resistance band to bring more dimension and variety to your training.

8) Cherry Long Band

The bright and cheery Cherry Long Band adds resistance to your workout while targeting specific muscle groups. Its fun and carefree style will also motivate you all the way through your next workout.

9) Holographic Long Band

Leave the barbells in the garage and reach for this Holographic Long Band. Use them for pull-ups, squats, dead lifts and more. Add them to your daily routine.

Holographic Long Band - Best Long Bands

10) Pastel Butterfly Long Band

The Pastel Butterfly Long Band uses a gorgeous sparkle fabric that doesn't shed onto your hands or arms. It's durable, easy to use, and supercharges your next workout.

Yellow Flower Long Band

11) Dark Tie Dye Pink Long Band

Start building more muscle and get lean with the Dark Tie Dye Pink Long Band. It adds a heavier resistance to your workout and targets specific muscle groups, depending on the workout you're doing. It also adds more color and style to your routine.

Dark Pink Tie Dye Long Band 

12) Cheetah Long Band

best long bands

13) Deluxe Bon Voyage Bundle Box 

    Get a comprehensive bundle box for at-home workouts. The Deluxe Bon Voyage Bundle Box comes with long bands, and glute bands are created with multicolored woven fabric design, are durable, and enhance your workout routine at home.

    All of the included items also fit into a purse or gym bag with a stylish carrying case so you can easily store and keep it looking fantastic.

    The Bon Voyage Deluxe SuzieB Bundle Box includes:

    • Sahara Glute Band (Light/Medium)
    • Florida Glute Band (Medium/Heavy)
    • Hawaii Long Band (Light/Medium) 
    • Caribbean Long Band (Medium/Heavy) 
    • Sailor Ankle Strap 
    • Sahara Bar Pad 

    What Workouts Can I Do with Long Bands?

    The best long bands on the market can be used with just about any workout where resistance is required. They can even replace the need for barbells. Here are a few ideas:

    • Pull-ups
    • Squats
    • Dead lifts
    • Arm Curls
    • Shoulder Raises
    • Stretching
    • CrossFit
    • And many more

    Affordable Home Workout Bands Review

    "These bands... ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The quality is amazing. The prints are so cute!! I’ve noticed a difference since I’ve been using them! Im sore after using them soooo they’re definitely working! I highly recommend!" - Gabrielle M.

    "OBSESSED. I can’t get enough of these bands and prints! Oh and the shipping was SO quick! HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Thank you Suzie for creating quality gym accessories for an affordable price!" - Chloe B.

    "Obsessed is an understatement. I have been looking for good bands for longer than I want to admit but luckily I found this! I am a previous college athlete and we use to use them a lot but I also broke the plastic bands a lot so I am so happy about these!" - Miranda H.

    How Do I Order Affordable Home Workout Bands?

    SuzieB Fitness offers a variety of long bands, glute bands, and ankle straps to uplevel your fitness routine. Our products are durable, high-quality, and even come with a matching carrying case to tote your products to the gym or during travel. 

    Ready to take your fitness routine to new levels? Browse our entire collection of affordable home workout bands and order today.



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