If you're looking to save money, gym membership are often the first thing to go from your budget. According to studies, gyms make $517 per person who sign-up, leaving a hole in your pocket. Cancellation fees and costs for additional classes or membership levels can also add up.

    Our affordable resistance bands are inexpensive enough to start a collection of colorful styles. They're also easy to tote to the gym or anywhere you're headed with a  complimentary carrying case. We like to keep our collection fresh, so keep coming back to see our new styles. Here are a few of our favorite options to help you get inspired. 

    Galaxy 2.0 Long Band

    Our Galaxy 2.0 Long Band is out of this world with a colorful way to work out. As one of our affordable resistance long bands, it offers a light to medium resistance to challenge your muscles without overwhelming you. 


    Flower Child Long Band

    Make your workout all about peace, love, and happiness! Our Flower Child Long Band is durable, high-quality, and pairs perfectly with the rest of our long resistance long bands.

    Alien Long Band

    The universe is calling you to grab our Alien Long Band for your next workout. It offers a medium to heavy resistance that leaves you feeling rewarded.

    Caribbean Long Band

    Add more resistance to your workout without the need for barbells. This colorful Caribbean Long Band is as refreshing as an ocean breeze.


    Zodiac Best Resistance Long Band

    Get in touch with your higher self with our Zodiac Long Band. As one of our affordable resistance long bands, it's a celestial experience to work your arms, core, and more. 

    Holographic Long Band

    You'll feel vibrant and colorful with one of our favorite affordable resistance long bands. Our Holographic Long Band is perfect for pull-ups, squats, deadlifts, and more. Add them to your daily routine.

    Holographic Long Band - Best Long Bands

    Pastel Butterfly Long Band

    The Pastel Butterfly Long Band is created from sparkle fabric that doesn't shed onto your hands or arms. It's durable, easy to use, and supercharges your next workout.

    Yellow Flower Long Band

    Pink Be Happy Long Band

    Keep your happiness going through your next workout with our Pink Be Happy Band. It will bring a smile to your face while getting in an intense workout.

    Retro Vibes Long Band

    Feel the groovy vibe with our Retro Vibes Long Band in your collection. As one of our affordable resistance long bands, it's an ideal way to target your muscles to strengthen and tone without the need for bulky weights.

    Cow Print Long Band

    Our affordable resistance long bands are always cute and fun. The Cow Print Long Band adds resistance to your workout for a challenge. Put away your dumbbells or barbells for a transformative experience.

    How to Use Affordable Resistance Long Bands

    Instead of relying on gyms to fuel your fitness goals, you can get in a full-body workout with our affordable resistance long bands. They're perfect, convenient, and an inexpensive way to work on:

    • Pull-ups
    • Squats
    • Deadlifts
    • Arm Curls
    • Shoulder Raises
    • Stretching
    • CrossFit
    • And many more

    Depending on your fitness goals, resistance bands can be more effective than weights. It puts resistance on your muscles throughout your workout, instead of just when you're curling a barbell or lifting weights. You can even use them with your current weight lifting routine to add even more resistance.

    Reviews: Affordable Resistance Long Bands

    "So incredible! The long band is awesome for at home workouts. Highly recommend! Suzie is fantastic and makes the best products! Everything about her and her brand is just so wonderful!" - Charlise R.

    "The long hands are so versatile!! I use them for every muscle group. Excellent quality. This band has been through a lot and still looks brand new." - Jackie M.

    "I love this band so much! The design is super cute, and when it says medium/heavy, it MEANS medium/heavy. I love that her bands in general are amazing quality. I miss going to the gym, but these bands really allow me to get a nice workout in. Also, love using it along her Instagram workout videos. Suzie really has it all! Easy to get a workout in AT HOME." - Jealyn M.

    Ready to Purchase Affordable Resistance Long Bands?

    Suzie B Fitness affordable resistance long bands give your glutes, arms, and major muscle groups a workout without the need for heavyweights. You'll love the quality, effectiveness, and incredible style.

    Ready to take your fitness routine to new levels? Learn more about our Affordable Resistance Long Bands here and transform your next workout.