Are you looking for an ankle strap for gym? A quality, comfortable ankle strap can keep you motivated through your workouts. They also save your ankles from used, dirty gym accessories that don't offer much support for your ankles.

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What is an Ankle Strap For Gym?

An ankle strap is a simple, portable accessory that wraps around your ankle with a hook on the back. You can hook the strap directly to a cable pulley or other gym machines. 

How Do Ankle Straps Help My Workout?

Using ankle straps in your workout requires core strength and helps you focus on your overall body alignment. Some people love ankle straps as a way to ease hypertension in their lower backs.

The concept of "no pain, no gain" is a slippery slope. Yes, you can push through plateaus to improve your workout. But ankle pain and other ailments should be approached with caution. Try an ankle strap for gym to alleviate the issue instead of working through it with old, unstable gym accessories.

What Types of Exercises Can You Do with Ankle Straps?

Ankle strap exercises can work on your legs, core strength and increase your endurance. Here are just some of the exercises you can use to uplevel your workout:

  • Cable Kickbacks
  • Cable Hip Abductors
  • Cable Hamstring Curls
  • Inner Thigh Contraction


Are Ankle Straps Comfortable

Depending on the brand, your ankle strap should be high-quality and comfortable to wear throughout your workout. Suzie B offers fuzzy, cushioned lined ankle straps and securely tightened straps. Your workout feels secure, stylish, and comfortable. 

What Types of Ankle Straps are There?

You can find ankle straps at many online retailers, but they either sacrifice style, comfort, or affordability. Suzie B Fitness combines all three for a collection accessible to all. 

Cheetah Ankle Straps

This pair of fun, comfortable, Cheetah Ankle Straps are a game-changer for the gym. Give a hard pass to those used ankle straps at the gym and reach for these instead. 

Ankle Strap for Gym

Black Marble Ankle Straps

These soft and comfy ankle strap for gym fit in a cute carrying case for easy portability. Grab these accessories for your next gym workout and tone your lower body.

Black Marble Ankle Strap for Gym

White Marble Ankle Straps

Fun, fabulous, and classic, these white marble ankle straps are fun and comfortable to use. Strap them on during your next cable kickback workout.

White Marble Ankle Strap for Gym

Grey Leopard Ankle Straps

Tone your lower body with these grey leopard ankle straps. They're comfortable, durable, and perfect for workouts like inner thigh contractions.

Grey Leopard Ankle Strap for Gym

Are There Any Ankle Strap Testimonials?

Yes! Suzie B Fitness' loyal customer base loves our collection of gym ankle straps:

"I had a pair of ankle straps from Amazon and decided to upgrade to these bad boys. WOOOO they are so comfortable on my ankles. I'm obsessed with the cheetah print!" - Chloe B.

"These are seriously amazing! Can't express how much these saved my ankles and how comfortable they are. They're such high-quality material - I couldn't recommend these enough." - Jaz S.

"Ok, not only are these SO cute, but I feel like cable kickbacks are a whole new exercise with these! I've been cutting my ankles up using the gym handles for MONTHS, I'm so glad those days are over. The inside is super soft, and the velcro strap paired with the hooks makes for one sturdy accessory. Never letting these out of my sight!" - ToniAnn D

"Can't say enough good things about these ankle straps! The quality is so good; the Sherpa is soft and very comfortable. I get asked about them every time I use them at the gym. These definitely elevate my leg days!" - Sarah V.

Where Do I Order an Ankle Strap For Gym?

Browse our selection of ankle straps and choose your favorite style. You'll feel more empowered, comfortable, and extend your workout with SuzieB's ankle strap for gym.