It's normal to hit plateaus in your fitness goals as your body adjusts to what you're doing. It's important to consider trying new exercises and adding more equipment to your routine. When you're working out at the gym, accessories can also uplevel your results. For example, the cable machine is an incredible way to work on your fitness goals. However, you can also amplify your efforts by adding the best ankle strap for gym to the machine for:

  • Cable Kickbacks
  • Cable Hip Abductors
  • Cable Hamstring Curls
  • Inner Thigh Contractions

Beyond your workout performance and the energy you put into it, the best ankle strap for gym should also be comfortable and easy to use. Make sure the strap around your ankle easily and aren't sliding around during your workout. Beyond functionality, we designed our best ankle strap for the gym to be super cute and fun to use. There's something about combining style and fashion-forward gym accessories that help you stay motivated to stick to your goals. 

Ready to try a pair for yourself? Browse some of our best ankle strap for the gym.

How Do You Use the Best Ankle Straps for Gym?

Ankle straps attach around your ankle with velcro and should fit comfortably but not too tight. A loop on the strap can hook onto a cable to work on your kickbacks and more. Not sure how to get started? Watch an Instagram video of SuzieB using the best ankle strap for gym in action.


Cheetah Ankle Straps

Our Ankle Cheetah Ankle Straps are fun, sassy, and comfortable to wear. You'll love turning heads at the gym doing your next set of cable kickbacks.

White Marble Ankle Straps

These classy White Marble Ankle Straps pair perfectly with cable hip abductors, hamstring curls, inner thigh contractions, kickbacks, and more.

Black Marble Ankle Straps

Reinvigorate your workout routine with our Black Marble Ankle Straps. They're ready to uplevel your results.

Check back for updates; we regularly release new styles and products. Our collection of resistance bands and the best ankle strap for the gym are designed for the most challenging workouts. They feature a front rubber label and come with a printed poly bag to store your ankle strap when they're not in use. 

Reviews: Best Ankle Straps for Gym

Hear more about our ankle straps straight from our customers.

"Ok, not only are these SO cute, but I feel like cable kickbacks are a whole new exercise with these! I've been cutting my ankles up using the gym handles for MONTHS; I'm so glad those days are over. The inside is super soft, and the velcro strap paired with the hooks make for one sturdy accessory. Never letting these out of my sight!"

"LOVE these. So cute and supportive. Makes me so excited to workout!!!!! Quality always 100% with Suzie!"

"Do yourself a favor and just go ahead and buy every item of Suzie's for your gym bag, including these! The design of these ankle straps are perfect, from the Sherpa inside to the cutest patterns. I use these for cable kickbacks and standing cable abductions."

"If your gym has a cable machine, you NEED these! So comfortable, flattering, and perfect for when you don't want to use the gross gym ankle strap that they provide."

Purchase the Best Ankle Straps for Gym

Suzie B Fitness' best ankle strap for gym are game-changers for your workout. Use them as part of your regular workout to break through plateaus and find new motivation to work on your fitness goals. Browse our best long exercise bands for women and transform your next workout.