The Best Fitness Ankle Strap For Women are an incredible accessory for developing stronger glutes and gaining lower body stability. They're affordable, easy to tote to the gym, and simple to use. Just hook them to your cable machine or your resistance bands and work on:

  • Cable Kickbacks
  • Cable Hip Abductors
  • Cable Hamstring Curls
  • Inner Thigh Contractions

The best ankle strap for women should fit comfortably, stay in place, and challenge your workout without overwhelming your efforts. If you're experiencing any pain, try readjusting your ankle straps and slightly decreasing your input and momentum. You'll find that sweet spot that helps you see results and build up more strength over time. 

Ready to try a pair for yourself? Browse some of our best ankle strap for women. The woven material of our products are durable and won't snap and tear. An interior grip also keeps everything in place so you can stay focused on crushing your goals. Best of all, our ankle straps, glute bands, and long bands make it simple to customize your workout so you can re-focus your efforts.

How Do You Use the Best Ankle Straps for Women?

Our ankle straps use velcro to fit comfortably around your ankles without pinching your skin or ripping your leggings. You'll find a loop on the strap can hook onto a cable to work on your kickbacks and more. Not sure how to get started? Check out this Instagram video of SuzieB using the best ankle strap for women in her workout.



Cheetah Ankle Straps

Strap on our Ankle Cheetah Ankle Straps to work on your cable kickbacks. They're fun and inspiring to use on those days you need some get-up and go.

White Marble Ankle Straps

Our White Marble Ankle Straps are perfect for hamstring curls and so much more. They're comfortable and classy all a once.

Black Marble Ankle Straps

Black Marble Ankle Straps uplevel your time at the gym and keeps you motivated to do more. 

SuzieB Fitness regularly releases new styles of ankle straps, glute bands, and resistance bands to provide everything you need for your next workout. 

Reviews: Best Ankle Straps for Women

Thinking about to trying the best ankle straps for women for yourself? Learn more about our products directly from our customers. 

"These ankle straps are EVERYTHING! I always hated using the ones that the  gym provided because they often didn’t fit, were uncomfortable, and just gross and dirty from overuse. The SuzieB ankle straps are super soft on the inside and easily adjustable to create a perfect fit. I carry them in my gym bag at all times! This is a definitely a must have product!"

"Suzie is so dang thoughtful giving us boujee ankle straps. I love that this comes in a two pack so you don't have to obnoxiously switch ankles in the middle of your workout. And it comes in a lil case! The teddy fabric is oh so soft and comfy and the velcro stays in place! I was using a cheap Amazon ankle strap prior to Suzie's and it would come undone mid workout... so embarrassing! I wasn't gonna buy these since they're technically used for only a couple workouts but I'm so glad I did. No more yucky gym straps!"

"If your gym has a cable machine you NEED these! So comfortable, flattering, and perfect for when you don’t want to use the gross gym ankle strap that they provide."

Purchase the Best Ankle Straps for Women

Suzie B Fitness' best ankle strap for women are game-changers for your workout. Use them as part of your regular workout to break through plateaus and find new motivation to work on your fitness goals. Browse our best long exercise bands for women and transform your next workout.