Glute bands for women should empower your workout, keep you motivated, and look fun and stylish at the same time. It may sound like a tall order, but SuzieB Fitness delivers on everything you're looking for in a workout with glute and long bands. You can also improve your strength training and stay consistent by investing in your success. According to the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, adults should work on strength training exercises at least twice a week. Make those workouts count with the best glute bands for women. 

Our bands may look fashion-forward and fun, but pack in the workout with light to extra heavy resistance. Pick and choose your favorites to optimize your training, from warm-ups to giving it your all.

Zodiac Glute Band

What does your sign say about your workout style? Make sure you have your Zodiac Glute Band handy to keep you going through your workout.

Cherry Glute Band

The Cherry Glute Band is as sweet as it looks. Slide it on and work on squats, hip thrusts, and more. 

Caribbean Glute Band

Feel the waterfront breeze with our Caribbean Glute Band. Its stunning style makes it fun to work out on the beach or just when you wish you were there. 

Rainbow Glute Band

The Rainbow Glute Band gives your next workout a splash of color. Enjoy its reinforced durability for a workout accessory that lasts. 

Sweater Weather Glute Band

Make it sweater weather all year round with this cute glute band for women. This limited-edition band features grips on the interior side to keep from rolling up so you can keep your focus on your workout. 

Black Sparkle Glute Band

The dazzling Black Sparkle Glute Band is sparkly without shedding on your favorite leggings. You'll love the way it inspires you to stick to your fitness goals.

Retro Vibes Glute Band

Get nostalgic over our Retro Vibes Glute Band. You'll turn heads over its fun and colorful style during lunges, kickbacks, and more.

Cow Print Glute Band

The Cow Print Glute Band is a fun and playful way to work out. It's sure to start a conversation at the gym.

Cloud Glute Band

Keep your head in the clouds with our Cloud Glute Band in a medium to heavy resistance. Use it to uplevel your next workout for results you love.

Astronaut Glute Band

Get ready to blast off with this Astronaut Glute Band! Get inspired while working on glute abduction exercises, lunges, and more for a challenging workout you'll love.


Yellow Flower Glute Band

Feel the warmth of this Yellow Flower Glute Band that keeps you working out and is high-quality and durable. The cute case tucks your band away for your next workout.

Navy Tie Dye Glute Band

As one of the best glute bands for women, the Navy Tie Dye Glute Band targets specific muscle groups. Pair it with your favorite heavy resistance band to bring more dimension and variety to your workout. 

Neon Pink Glute Band

Stand out with this Neon Pink Glute Band for a challenging workout. Try it with squats and hip thrusts to feel the oh-so-good burn.

The Best Glute Bands for Women Reviews

Learn more about our best glute bands for women from our happy customers:

"The first band I've ever bought from SuzieB. Such a great investment still looks as good as I first bought it. Doesn't fade & stays the same when you first purchase it. I loved it this band introduced me to Suzie & I've been obsessed ever since." - Danielle C.

"Quality. Quality. Quality! Suzie got it right! My glute band is the best I've ever tried. It's durable, soft, and has a cute print. What more do you need. Don't look anywhere else; Suzie has you covered!" - Kiana C.

"Suzie's bands are the best! Such high quality & such cute patterns to choose from. I use my band mostly for glute activation before a lower-body day. Highly recommend anything and everything from her brand!" - Hannah B.

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