Best Resistance Gym BandsGym resistance bands power charge your workout, so you're always building strength, muscle, and endurance. Whether you use them at home or in the gym, these bands are a game-changer for your fitness goals. 

Learn more about how they work, what to look for, and which ones are the best on the market. 

What Are Gym Resistance Bands?

Resistance gym bands have a light, medium, heavy, or extra heavy resistance and help oppose force with your own body weight. You can pull and curl your way to stronger muscles with this stretchy, durable material. They're also portable for the gym or travel and come in fun styles and colors.  

What are the Best Gym Resistance Bands?

Gym resistance bands come in different resistance levels and provide a targeted workout. Here are a few of the different types of bands you can use:

Glute Bands

This cute Cheetah Glute Band comes in a light to medium resistance, is fashion-forward, fun, and livens up your gym routine. It's also highly durable, so you can get the best workout possible.

Gym Resistance Bands - Cheetah

The Elsa Glute Band is inspired by your favorite movie. Feel like a power princess when you use this to strengthen your glutes.

Sparkle is the new black with this gorgeous glute band. It adds motivation to your next workout without compromising on quality.

These are just a few of the glute bands SuzieB Fitness carries. See our complete collection here. 

Long Bands

The Rainbow Long Band adds resistance to your workout and replaces the need for dumbbells or barbells. It's beautifully crafted, durable, and comes with a convenient carrying case for the gym or travel.

This Ariel Long Band is a gorgeous shade of purple and is an amazing addition to any home gym or workout routine. It's durable, stylish, and gives you more motivation at the gym.

Our White Marble Long Band adds more resisance to your workout and targets specific muscle groupsduring squats, dead lifts, arm curls, shoulder raises, stretches, Cross Fit, and many other exercises. 


What Workouts Should I with Gym Resistance Bands?

The types of exercise you do depend on the kind of band you choose. Glute bands are ideal when doing squats, hip thrusts, glute and hip abduction exercises, lunges, kickbacks, and similar exercises. Here's a video of SuzieB in action with a glute band:

Long bands are also versataile for a variety of fun workouts that challenge your muscles. Here are a few we recommnend the next time you work out at home or hit the gym:

  • Pull-ups
  • Squats
  • Dead lifts
  • Arm Curls
  • Shoulder Raises
  • Stretching
  • CrossFit

 SuzieB also offers an at home fitness plan so you can still hit your fitness goals and get the body you want. Check out the workout plans here.

Gym Resistance Bands Reviews

Customers love the SuzieB Fitness collection of glute and long bands. Here are just some of the reviews for gym resistance bands you'll find online:

"This band has been thru an entire month of workouts, and I workout with them 3 days out of the week! They hold up gray and are adorable, I love having all the girly accessories in the gym, and they actually give you great resistance! I love them, and I buy more for the different cute sets, I have this sparkle set for at home and the marble set for at the gym!! Can’t wait for more collections to come out!" - Justin L.

"These are by far the only bands I will EVER use again!! They have made working out at home so fun and easy with the creative workouts SuzieB comes up with, not to mention the sparkle on this bad boy. I will definitely be buying more to add to my collection as new ones release." - Kara C.

"Great quality and design! Love how versatile the long bands are, I use it for everything from arms, legs, to yoga and stretching! Purchasing SuzieB’s bands has been a workout game changer!" - Olivia H.

How to Buy Gym Resistance Bands

Browse the entire collection of SuzieB Fitness long bands and glute bands here. We also regularly update our collection to release new designs and limited editions. To Know more about Best Gym Resistance Bands just do click here.