The best long bands for women should offer results while keeping you motivated to work out. SuzieB Fitness creates a range of products to align with your favorite styles to inspire you to complete that next workout. Build a collection from light to extra heavy to target on everything from stretching to building arm strength. Here are some of our favorite long bands on the market.

Rose Long Band

Get two of these Rose Long Bands to gift to your BFF and keep for yourself. Its fresh style keeps you motivated for your next workout. 

Heartbreaker Long Band

If you're a heartbreaker, own it! Our Heartbreaker Long Band comes in a medium to heavy resistance to uplevel your fitness goals. 

Cherry Long Band

This Cherry Long Band is sweet as it looks! Try it with your next set of deadlifts and arm curls for a game-changing workout. 

Flower Child Long Band

You'll feel nostalgic for your favorite workout with our Flower Child Long Band. Its light to medium resistance is perfect for stretches to arm curls.

Alien Long Band

This Alien Long Band looks out of this world with a medium to heavy resistance. You'll feel ready to face your next workout and feel the burn. 

Galaxy 2.0 Long Band

Our Galaxy 2.0 Long Band adds a splash of whimsical color to your next workout. Pair it with a matching glute band to complete your set.


Zodiac Best Resistance Long Band

Get in touch with your higher self with this Zodiac Long Band. As one of the best long bands for women, it keeps your momentum going. 

Holographic Long Band 

Add some color to your next workout with our Holographic Long Band. It's perfect for pull-ups, squats, deadlifts, and more. Add them to your daily routine.

Holographic Long Band - Best Long Bands

Caribbean Long Band

You'll feel the ocean breeze during your next workout with our Caribbean Long Band. As one of the best long bands for women, it offers just the right resistance for a challenging workout.   

Pink Be Happy Long Band

It's impossible to feel down with this cute Pink Be Happy Band. It lifts your spirit and keeps you motivated during your next workout. 

Retro Vibes Long Band

The groovy Retro Vibes Long Band keeps you on top of your fitness goals without the need for weights. Try them with your next rep of arm curls or deadlifts. 

Pastel Butterfly Long Band 

Our Pastel Butterfly Long Band is sparkly without shedding on your hands. Don't be fooled by its whimsical design; it packs in a challenge whether you're stretching or working on strength building. 

Yellow Flower Long Band

Cow Print Long Band

The Cow Print Long Band turns heads with a quirky design. Put away your dumbbells or barbells for a transformative experience.

How to Use the Best Long Bands for Women

Despite their fun and vibrant style, our long bands target your muscles to build strength. Try them for your next round of:

  • Pull-ups
  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Arm curls
  • Shoulder raises
  • Stretching
  • CrossFit
  • And many more

In some situations, the best long bands for women can be even more effective than weights. Instead of reaching for the barbells, grab a colorful band and take it with you to work out on the go. Or try using them with your current weight lifting routine to add even more resistance.

Reviews: Best Long Bands For Women

"Love this long band! I add it on arm day to replace barbells, and it has definitely made a difference in my workouts. The quality of SuzieB Bands are amazing! I will continue to purchase her products."

"This amazing long band can literally work out any part of your body! I'm obsessed. Getting 2 more ASAP!"

"I love this long band; it's perfect for home workouts. It's super comfortable, so I am able to put it around my shoulders. It's great quality, and I love that there are sample workouts on Instagram so you can see how to use it in a variety of ways!"

Purchase the Best Long Bands For Women 

Suzie B Fitness' best long bands for women give your glutes, arms, and major muscle groups a workout without the need for heavyweights. You'll love the quality, effectiveness, and incredible style.

Ready to take your fitness routine to new levels? Learn more about our best long bands for women and transform your next workout.