The best resistance bands on the market can replace standard gym equipment and enhance your workout.

Whether you want something stylish or with a light to heavy resistance, there's a band for you. Here are six on the market to choose from.

1) Black Sparkle Glute Band

The glam Black Sparkle Long Band is one of the best resistance bands on the market. With a medium to heavy resistance, the band helps target specific muscle groups depending on your workout of choice. Use this band with pull-ups, squats, dead lifts and more. It's durable and comes with a matching carrying case to tote to the gym and keep it in top condition.

Despite its glittery appearance, the Black Sparkle Glute ban won't shed sparkles on you. Its glitter is part of the fibers woven together. 

Customer Review: "Suzie was not messing around when she created this band, it is absolutely beautiful! The sparkles do not come off or have that scratchy feel to it at all. It is amazing and yes, you need it for your collection. I mean are any other resistance bands even an option anymore??" Tiffany U.

2) Cow Print Glute Band

The Cow Print Glute Band comes in a medium to heavy resistance to change your workout game. Place the band around your thigh as shown in Suzie B's Instagram video.



As one of the best resistance bands around, it's perfect for working out at home with our online programs or at the gym. Pair it with a Cow Print Long Band to complete your collection.

Customer Review: "If you're in the market for new bands get these! I love this heavier glute band for hip thrusts and this cow print is my favorite so far! Such high quality and so cute!" - Zoey

3) Elsa Long Band

The popular Elsa Long Band adds resistance to your workout while targeting the muscle groups you're activating. Use it at your gym, at home, or during an intense CrossFit workout.

The Elsa Long Band comes in a light to medium resistance and is beautifully crafted and durable. All of Suzie B's best resistance bands can replace the need for dumbbells or barbells so you can just throw it in your workout bag and go.

Customer review: "It comes in a light to medium resistance and is beautifully crafted and durable." - Olivia H.

4) Classic Boyfriend Long Band

With a medium to have resistance, the Classic Boyfriend Long Band are a classic addition to your collection. Use this band for arm curls, shoulder raises, stretches, and more. All of Suzie B's best resistance bands are durable, reliable, and can replace the need for dumbbells and barbells. 

Customer review: "This is my 4th item I have purchased from Suzie B fitness, & has yet to disappoint, I purchased the long boyfriend band in the color black. Resistance is amazing! I have been working out for 6 years & it has become a vital part for my workouts & my boyfriend has implemented it into his workouts as well."

5) Rainbow Long Band

Brighten up your workout routine with the Rainbow Long Band. This band comes in a medium to heavy resistance to your arm curls, shoulder raises, dead lifts, and more. Pair with one of our glute bands for a comprehensive workout that uplevels your fitness routine.

Customer review: "I absolutely love the long band. It is so useful and has made workouts at home much more effective. With the pandemic limiting access to the gym, I’m so grateful to have it."

6) Ariel Glute Band

The Ariel Glute Band comes in a medium to have resistance and gives your glutes a hard workout at the gym or band. Place the band over your thighs to add resistance to your squats. This band is also ideal for hip thrusts, glute abduction exercises, lunges, and kickbacks. Pair it with our Ariel Long Band to add more resistance to your workout. 

Customer Review: "I can’t say enough about these bands. They have taken my workouts to the next level! The designs are adorable but the quality is unbelievable! I have used multiple different types of bands and always find that I am constantly having to readjusting them, but not with Suzie’s they stay in place and truly give your legs and glutes the workout they need." - Angela B.

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The best resistance bands on the market are durable, stylish, and ready to tote to the gym or amplify your home workout. Browse Suzie B's products today to find your favorite long bands and glute bands.