10 Ways Your Workouts Improve When You Buy Resistance Bands Online

Okay, so you have your brand new resistance bands (or if you don’t, snag them here!), but now what? How do you use them? Why should you use them? I’m about to tell you why and how! Here are 10 benefits of using your resistance bands. 

1. Get an Inexpensive but Effective Workout

When you incorporate a resistance band into your workout, you’ve found a cheap and effective way to add variety to your workout! With our resistance bands as cost-effective as they are, it’s the cheapest way to spice up your workout routine. It also helps adapt your workouts to any fitness level and modify familiar exercises. For example, you can make your squats more effective by using a heavier resistance band. You’ll feel the burn then! Try my leg workout. Another example is using your resistance band as a bicep curl. Try my arm and shoulders workout

2. Exercise Your Whole Body with One Tool

Here's the beauty when you buy resistance bands online, you'll have the ability to work out your whole body with just this one tool! Use a resistance band to help you do push-ups, a killer leg workout, and so much more. Follow me on Instagram for all my resistance band workouts! 

3. Save Space

Workout equipment can not only be expensive, but can take up a lot of space too. Free up more space in your home by using this one tool in your workout routine. Because they take up very little space, you can travel with them! 

4. Travel With Your Resistance Bands!

Speaking of travel, when you buy resistance bands online, you can easily take them with you when you travel! With as little space as they take up, you can easily fit this in your carry-on, so you can get a hard workout when in a new place. 

5. Resistance Bands Are Safe

With resistance bands, you don’t have to worry about dropping a weight or hurting yourself. It's a safe option for working out alone without the risk of injury. Get in your strength reps wherever you are without a partner to spot you or the anxiety of hurting yourself. 

6. Combine Resistance Bands with Other Exercise Equipment

Resistance bands are the perfect collaboration with your workout routine, but also other workout equipment! For example, a bicep rep with a resistance band and a dumbbell will give you the combined benefits of both pieces of equipment. The same can be said for any leg workout where you use a squat rack (lunges, squats, deadlifts, etc.).

7. Get a Better Stretch

Resistance bands aren’t just for working out, but can also be used for stretching. A lot of people have tight hips which can cause lower back problems, muscle soreness, and walking imbalances. When you use a resistance band, you can stretch out your hips with a hip flexor lunge. Or if your goal is to touch your toes when you’re seated, you can loop a resistance band around your foot to help you increase your range of motion. 

8. Create a Stronger Core

Resistance bands use your core to help balance. Bring a resistance band into your Pilates or Yoga class to increase your core strength. Pilates is all about a strong core, and you can make your core stronger when you integrate a resistance band. Even in a Yoga class, you can use a resistance band to also strengthen the core and increase lung capacity. 

9. Resistance Bands Assist, Not Just Resist

While the verb resist is in the name resistance band, it also helps you too! Resistance bands come in handy when it comes to difficult exercises. Take pull-ups for example. With a resistance band, you can safely perform a pull-up, and work your way up to a non-assisted pull-up. 

10. Resistance Bands Are for Everyone!

Whether you’re new to working out, a fit pro, or recovering from an injury, resistance bands are for everyone! Use them to help warm-up or cool down and stretch. Use them in your main workout exercises. Use them to assist you in difficult poses. Use resistance bands to help you stretch and release muscular tension. Resistance bands don’t need gravity to create resistance as weights do. The benefit is being able to have a full range of motion. Plus, with my resistance bands, you can make it fun and personal like the Zodiac band, cheetah long band (in black and white!), tye-dye, and more colors and styles

If you’re ready to spice up your workout routine and add some resistance bands to your workout, buy resistance bands online! If you need additional gym equipment, we have it all from gym mats to accessories. And if you don’t know where to start with your workout, check out my workout plans!