Are you nervous about hitting the gym with complicated equipment? Studies show that up to 50% of people suffer from "gymtimitation" or fear working out in front of others. Long bands make it easy to workout both in the gym and at home to make the most of your time. 

The Deep Sea Long Band looks fantastic and uplevel your workout without a significant investment. They're also easy to use and eliminates gym anxiety. Learn more about how the bands work and how they impact your fitness goals.

What Kind of Resistance Does the Deep Sea Long Band Have?

Add more resistance to your workout with the Deep Sea Long Band. This band comes in a light to medium resistance that uplevels your gym routine and replaces the need for dumbbells or barbells. 

What Kind of Workouts Can You Do?

Long bands work well with a wide variety of workouts to keep things interesting and fresh. Pair your band with pull-ups, squats, deadlifts, and arm curls. They're also an excellent resource for shoulder raises, CrossFit, and pre and post-workout stretches.

In addition to the Deep Sea Long Band, Suzie B Fitness also offers virtual workout plans that pair with at home and manageable gym routines.

Is the Long Band Durable?

Suzie B Fitness' long bands are durable and beautifully crafted. They're designed to offer the resistance you need without the wear and tear. There's also a compact carrying case to protect your Deep Sea Long Band from everyday wear and tear.

What Other Items Should I Order?

The Deep Sea Long Band pairs perfectly with the Deep Sea Glute Band. Order both to complete your workout set and target different muscle groups for the results you're looking for.

Can I Give the Deep Sea Long Band as a Gift?

Yes! Suzie B Fitness' long bands make perfect gifts for fitness enthusiasts. Send along with a set of glute bands to complete your gift. You can order and send it to your loved one, or gift a gift card instead. 

Do I Need Workout Experience to Use a Long Band?

Long bands are easy to use but still offer resistance to transform your body and see results. Work up to more aggressive and longer routines to build up your stamina. 

Are There Any Deep Sea Long Band Testimonials?

Yes! Suzie B Fitness' products have their own loyal fan base. Here's what some of our customers have to say about our products:

"Blown away in the resistance used in this long band!! This band will do wonders for your workouts!! I've used it for stretching and upper body workouts!! I HIGHLY recommend this product for more intense workouts!" - Dakota H.

"Best bands! They're durable, cute, and last. You can't have too many of these long or glute bands! There's a color for every mood you're in to work out too!" - Charlotte

"Absolutely obsessed with Suzie's bands! They are such a great quality & the price-point isn't bad either! I always recommend them to all my friends & frequently post them in my stories because they are that good! During the beginning of quarantine, that is how I continued my workouts at home & have been my saving grace in keeping a routine. If you want to amp up your workout, get these bands!! They will not disappoint!" - Erika K.

"After having 2 kids, it's hard to find time to be away from them to go to the gym. This band allows me to do exercises at home, and still feel like I'm truly working my muscles without using any actual weights. The fact that this band is surviving two kids, is also a MAJOR plus!" - Joy

How Can I Order?

Ready to order the Deep Sea Long Band to uplevel your fitness goals? Order today or browse our selection of products to find the long band that motivates you to hit the gym.