You don't need heavy weights or an expensive gym membership to work on your fitness goals. Fabric resistance bands for women are easy to use but pack in powerful results. Resistance bands rely on your body's resistance and momentum to work your core, glutes, arms, shoulders, and other areas of your body. You can also combine them with weights to create a more challenging workout.

Enjoy our latest styles and colorful accessories for your next workout. Here are some of our fabric resistance bands for women.

Caribbean Long Band

This Caribbean Long Band puts you in a vacation state of mind. Let it inspire you to stay challenged at home or the gym.

Holographic Long Band 

Bring some color and fun to your next workout with The Holographic Long Band. It's perfect for your next round of pull-ups, squats, deadlifts, and more. 

Holographic Long Band - Best Long Bands

Rainbow Glute Band

See if there really is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with this colorful glute band. It's durable and gives your glutes a challenge. 

Heartbreaker Long Band

This Heartbreaker Long Band offers a medium to heavy resistance. It makes an excellent gift for your workout buddy or yourself!

Flower Child Long Band

Our Flower Child Long Band is fun and groovy. Use it to work your arms and core. 

Cherry Long Band

Our Cherry Long Band is fun and sassy. You'll love using them at home or the gym.

Black Sparkle Glute Band

Our Black Sparkle Glute Band offers a classic look with a glittery touch. Pair it with an extended band to target your arms for a challenging workout.

Alien Long Band

Our fun Alien Long Band offers an unexpected style. It's sure to get compliments at the gym!

Astronaut Glute Band

The Astronaut Glute Band is ideal for abduction exercises, lunges, and more for a challenging workout you'll love.

Galaxy 2.0 Long Band

Our Galaxy 2.0 Long Band is colorful and whimsical for a workout that leaves you feeling sky-high. Try it with a matching glute band!

Rose Long Band

Instead of flowers, gift your loved one a Rose Long Bands to your gym best friend. It's the gift they'll actually use, love, and get results from.

Navy Tie Dye Glute Band

The Navy Tie Dye Glute Band targets specific muscle groups. Pair it with your favorite heavy resistance band to bring variety to your workout.

Neon Pink Glute Band

This fabulous Neon Pink Glute Band is a vibrant way to stay inspired at the gym.

Zodiac Resistance Long Band

The Zodiac Long Band is out of this world. Its fresh design helps it keep your momentum going to reach your fitness goals. 

Cow Print Long Band

The Cow Print Long Band is one of our favorites. Put away your dumbbells or barbells for a transformative experience.

Ultimate Deluxe Cheetah Bundle Box

Get a done-for-you resistance band and accessory package. Our bundle box features:

  • Cheetah Glute Band (Light/Medium)
  • Black Cheetah Glute Band (Medium/Heavy)
  • Cheetah Long Band (Light/Medium) 
  • Black Cheetah Long Band (Medium/Heavy) 
  • Black Cheetah Ankle Strap 
  • Cheetah Bar Pad 
  • Cheetah Gym Mat
  • Cheetah Lifting Straps

How to Use Fabric Resistance Bands for Women

Our fabric resistance bands for women are perfect for: 

  • Pull-ups
  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Arm curls
  • Shoulder raises
  • Stretching
  • CrossFit
  • And many more

If weights aren't your thing, grab fabric resistance bands for women instead of the barbells. A heavy or extra heavy band helps you work up a sweat and build more strength. 

Reviews: Fabric Resistance Bands For Women

Learn more about our fabric resistance bands for women straight from our customers.

"The bands are always amazing. I'm all about animal print, and this cheetah print is adorable. It is a great workout band; it's fun to work out with because it's so adorable. These are high quality, durable bands."

"Love this long band! I add it on arm day to replace barbells, and it has definitely made a difference in my workouts. The quality of SuzieB Bands are amazing! I will continue to purchase her products."

"Best bands I have ever used! Great quality and really cute patterns. Will definitely be purchasing more colors in the future."

Purchase the Fabric Resistance Bands For Women 

Suzie B Fitness' fabric resistance bands for women give your glutes, arms, and major muscle groups a workout. Skip the weights and reach for your favorite band instead. Browse our best long bands for women and transform your next workout.