There's something so satisfying about feeling that burn after a workout and really challenging yourself. If you're tired of the usual gym equipment or need something frugal and effective, fitness resistance bands could help. They come in light to heavy resistance for an intense workout that you can feel in your arms, glutes, core muscle, and much more.

SuzieB makes it easy to work out at home or the gym with compact yet powerful fitness resistance bands that come in a matching carrying case. They store quickly and travel with you anywhere you want to work out. Here are just some of our favorite options on the market. We regularly add new styles, so keep coming back to see what's new!

Galaxy 2.0 Glute Band

This Galaxy 2.0 glute band is out of this world and turns your home gym into a powerhouse of style. Place the band around your thighs to give your squats a serious upgrade. 

Galaxy 2.0 Long Band

Create a set with your space-inspired glute band with our Galaxy 2.0 Long Band. They're both easy to use while packing in powerful results.


Zodiac Glute Band

Get in a celestial workout with this fun and unique Zodiac Glute Band. Like all of our fitness resistance bands, it comes with a complementing carrying case to tote to the gym, vacation, or anywhere you love to work out. 

Zodiac Long Fitness Resistance Band

Yes! We also created a Zodiac Long Band to pair with your glute band. You'll turn heads at the gym and have a blast during your next workout.

Alien Glute Band

This Alien Glute Band is fun and unique for an inspired workout. You'll love the way it looks, but more importantly, the results it gets!

Alien Long Band

The mothership of fitness resistance bands is here! Your out of this world friends will cheer you on while using this Alien Long Band to complete your collection. At a medium to heavy resistance, you'll feel the challenge in your glutes. 


Caribbean Glute Band

Get into that Caribbean state of mind with our Caribbean Glute Band. As one of the best fitness resistance bands on the market, it comes with a cute carrying case so you can take it with you on your next waterfront vacation.

Flower Child Long Band

Put away your weights! You won't be able to take your eyes off of our Flower Child Long Band to challenge your muscle groups and areas of your body. 

Pink Be Happy Long Band

You can't be down in the dumps with this Pink Be Happy Band. It brings a colorful touch to your next workout for a sweet look. Try one of our fitness resistance bands with pull-ups, squats, deadlifts, arm curls, and so much more.


Groovy Baby Glute Band

Keep life extra nostalgic and groovy with our inspired Groovy Baby Glute Band. Add it to your collection of best fitness resistance bands to challenge your glutes and more.

Hawaii Glute Band

You'll feel like you're at a luau with this inspiring Hawaii Glute Band. It's vibrant, colorful, and fun for an island-themed workout you'll love. 


Retro Vibes Glute Band

Embrace the nostalgic, retro groove with the Retro Vibes Long Band that adds a challenge to your workout. It's an ideal way to target your muscles to strengthen and tone without the need for bulky weights.

Reviews: The Best Fitness Resistance Bands

"The BEST quality bands I've ever used! I started with one, and I now have 4!" - Victoria P.

"I freaking love this band! It's so cute!!! Suzie nailed this design. They make my workout so much better, and the results are amazing. I feel the burn while I'm working out, and I love it!" - Danyale A.

"Best booty bands out there. Best design, hands down, and quality is amazing! I own a ton of these!" - Brittany H.

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SuzieB Fitness fitness resistance bands are perfect to target your glutes, arms, and major muscle groups without the need for heavyweights. Our products are colorful, durable, high-quality, and even come with a matching carrying case to tote your products to the gym or during travel. 

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