Squat Bands - SuzieB FitnessAre you looking to add squat bands to your home fitness center? Squat bands can replace the need for barbells, dumbbells, and gym equipment without compromising on your results. Suzie B Fitness 

What are Squat Bands

Squat bands are also referred to as glute bands that help target specific muscles depending on the exercises you're doing. These workout bands are made out of stretchy material that add light to heavy resistance to your normal fitness routine.

What Types of Squat Bands are on the Market?

The Cheetah Print Glute Band is a great way to give your glutes a hard workout, both at the gym or at home.

The Black Marble Glute Band features a woven fabric and black marble design for stunning style at the gym.

The White Marble Glute Band adds resistance around your thighs as you do your next set of squats. 

The Pink Leopard Glute Band adds resistance to your squats and replaces the need for dumbbells. It's cute, stylish, and like all of SuzieB Fitness squat bands, comes with a stylish carrying case. 



The Tie Dye Squat Band adds a splash of color to your next workout. Pair with one of SuzieB's long bands to uplevel your workout. 

Squat Band

The Elsa Glute Band is inspired by your favorite movie. Feel like a power princess when you use this to strengthen your glutes.

Sparkle is the new black with this gorgeous glute band. It adds motivation to your next workout without compromising on quality.

These are just a few of the glute bands SuzieB Fitness carries. See our complete collection here. 

What Types of Exercises Should You Do with Squat Bands?

You can use your new squat band with any lower body workout that benefits from added resistance. Here are a few ideas to get started:

  • Squats
  • Hip Thrusts
  • Glute Abduction Exercises
  • Lunges
  • Kickbacks
  • and SO much more!

See squat bands in action with SuzieB's video from Instagram.


What Makes SuzieB Fitness Squat Bands Different?

SuzieB Fitness' squat bands offer superior grip to keep them from rolling up and slipping during your workout. They're made from woven, cloth material to withstand challenging workouts without worrying about breakage. They're also stylish and fun to use and keep you motivated at the gym.

SuzieB Fitness also sells a year-round cycle of new releases and limited edition squat bands, long bands, and gym accessories. We want your workout to be fun and capture your signature style, but without compromising on quality.

Squat Band Reviews

"This (glute) squat band is wonderful! This is my 3rd from SuzieB and it doesn't disappoint! The holographic pattern is gorgeous. I use the glute band to add some extra resistance to my leg workouts and I couldn't be happier with the product!" - Sarah 

"This band is worth every penny. It elevates any leg/glute day; I use it for glute activation, during squats and RDLS, and while stretching. The medium-heavy one is very resistant -- it is not kidding around. I would go with the light-medium unless you are very experienced. Overall, LOVE IT!" Lucia R.

"I LOVE this band! I love the color and it's great quality. I also like the resistance of it, it's a good amount, but not too much that I can't use it for certain exercises. It's perfect."

Where Can I Buy Squat Bands?

Squat bands can be purchased online, however, not all are created equally. Make sure to buy your bands from a reputable retailer with quality products and materials, like SuzieB Fitness with plenty of rave reviews.

You can browse the selection of SuzieB Fitness squat bands to uplevel your fitness routine here.