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The best barbell pads on the market help ease the pain of using barbells and gym equipment to supercharge your time at the gym. Instead of dealing with aching hands with repeat contact with your barbells, look for the best barbell pads to build a more muscular body.

Do you want to try them for yourself? Here's what to know.

What Are Barbell Pads?

Barbells cause strain on our hands and body and can lead to pain. This is where the best barbell pads can help offer some relief. Barbell pads are created with high-density foam and a fabric cover. They quickly wrap around your barbells to ease the contact with your body.

SuzieB Fitness' barbell pads aren't your average gym accessories.Our products are stylish and only include the highest quality foam pad and secure velcro lining.

How Do Barbell Pads Work?

The best barbell pads, or bar pads, help make your workout more comfortable so you can work out longer and harder than before. Best of all, they're easy to transport to the gym in your bag and easy to use. Wrap them around your barbell and velcro securely for a no-slip experience. That's it! You're ready to start lifting weights without the usual pain.

Best Barbell Pads - SuzieB Fitness

What Workouts Can You Do with Barbell Pads and Bar Pads?

The best barbell pads can be used with a variety of workouts that use barbells. The choice is up to you, but here are just a few ways you can try SuzieB's pads:

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Hip thrusts

Discover more workout ideas to use with barbell pads on SuzieB Fitness's Instagram page.

What Are Some of the Best Barbell Pads on the Market?

Rainbow Bar Pad - Find a bright spot to your workout with a rainbow barbell pad. Our products are beautifully crafted with a quality foam pad and secure velcro lining. You'll keep your next workout safe and comfortable. 

Rainbow Barbell Pads
Cheetah Bar Pad - This fun and the stylish pad makes any barbell workout more comfortable. Velcro them on your barbells for squats, lunges, and any activity where your equipment comes in contact with your skin. 


Cheetah Barbell Pads
Suzie B Fitness continuously updates our styles and selection of barbell pads. Check back regularly or follow us on Instagram to see the latest designs. 

Check Out Reviews for Our Best Barbell Pads

"Way better than my Amazon barbell pad. Protects my hips during those 300+ lbs of hip thrusts. Please restock the black. I need it 🥺❤️" - Brittany M. 

"I like to go to the gym to show off my cute bar pad and I feel comfortable because I am the only one using it.  Love love!!" - Mimi R.

"This pad is great for hip thrust! I used to constantly get bruises from using the gym pad and I finally decided that I needed to get a good pad and this one is awesome." - Emma A.

"This barbell pad has been a life saver. Because of covid my gym quit providing barbell pads so I bought this one and I will never go back. I don't feel a thing and provides a ton of padding so I can lift heavier. I have 2 and will continue to collect them. Highly recommend." - Carrie K.

What Other Items Work with Barbell Pads?

If you're not a fan of barbells and weight lifting, there are other products to try. You can still get an incredible workout with the help of our selection of glute bands or long bands. They add more resistance to your exercise goals and help keep your muscles working their way to a more muscular body.

Ready to Order the Best Barbell Pads?

SuzieB Fitness offers stylish and high-quality gym accessories to uplevel your workout. Browse our entire collection of the best barbell pads here.