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Home workout bandsHome workout bands are an innovative complement to your gym or at-home fitness routine. They can enhance your efforts or replace the need for weights and dumbbells. 

What are Home Workout Bands?

Home workout bands first appeared as a therapeutic tool before making a big splash in the 1990s. They're created when stretchy bands are sewn into compression fabric to apply more resistance to your workout. They stretch just enough to offer the resistance you need to activate your muscles. Different home workout bands can also provide various resistance to accommodate everyone from beginners to heavy lifters. 

Do Home Workout Bands Work?

Yes, home workout bands are useful and can give your muscles a similar workout as using weights. However, you're able to use a free range of motion and are less prone to injury from dropping weights or overusing them during your workout.

Bands Come in a Variety of Tension

Home workout bands

Home workout bands add resistance to your workout and can replace the need for dumbbells and other weights. Depending on the exercise you're doing, you'll feel constant resistance and tension as you bend your arms or legs and release them—however, the resistance you choose matters. 

Medium to have resistance can uplevel your squats, hip thrusts, glute abduction exercises, and lunges. A lighter weight band may be ideal for warming-up or toning-up.

Your Home Workout Bands Should be Durable

Your home workout bands can be inexpensive but shouldn't compromise quality and longevity. Choose a material that is durable and offers the right amount of tension for your workout.

Remember, you also need a material that's smooth enough to glide over your workout clothes to avoid wear and tear on both your band and your outfit of choice.

Bands Add More Adaptability to Your Workouts

Home workout bandsConsider the type of workouts you enjoy and how much equipment you need to complete your routine. Home workout bands can be used to do pull-ups, squats, deadlifts, arm curls, shoulder raises, CrossFit, a deep stretch, and a long list of other options. 

Look for Comfort

The home workout bands you choose should offer that sweet spot between powerful resistance to activate your muscles and comfort. If your band is too tight to empower your workout, you may need a lighter resistance. The material should also be comfortable enough to use regularly without causing irritation or pain.

Unlike Weights, Bands Are Portable

Part of the appeal of a home workout band is its portability and compactness. If you're an avid traveler, enjoy using resistance bands at the gym, or don't have much space for working out at home, a home workout band is an ideal choice. Suzie B Fitness knows convenience and ease matters to meet your fitness goals and includes carrying cases to store and protect your bands.

Enjoy Affordable Price Points

Unlike most home workout equipment, resistance bands are incredibly affordable. You can buy several options from glute bands to long bands for your collection and stay under $100. Or buy one and scale up as you get the hang of your new workout and want to add more variety to your collection.

Home Workout Bands Offer More Style

Home workout bandsDumbbells and workout equipment are generally pretty dull. Home workout bands come in a variety of colors, from blue sparkle to cheetah print. You can pick or choose your bands to align with your signature style. Style doesn't just look great during a workout; it can help you stay motivated by offering more variety to your routine.

Are you ready to add more resistance and variety to your workout? Shop Suzie B Fitness' selection of glute bands, long bands, ankle straps, and more.


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