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Suzie B Fitness Sea Bands

Home workouts were already trending before the pandemic, but became a mainstream option in 2020. But instead of paying thousands of dollars for home gym equipment, you can make a small investment in stylish and durable Sea Bands. Pair it with a home workout program to maximize your time working out.

Sea Bands helps uplevel your fitness goals without the need for extra gym equipment. You can use it with your favorite routine at the gym or skip the need for barbells and weights altogether. Here's how the Sea Bands can help mix up your routine and improve your workout. 

Do Workout Bands Really Work?

Research shows that resistance bands can help grow your muscles and tone them at the same time. Your results also depend on the quality of the exercise band you use, as well as the workouts you choose.

Will I Feel an Impact From Using My Bands? 

Suzie B Fitness' Sea Band comes in a light to medium resistance. It's ideal for both beginners and pros who want to warm-up, add more resistance to their work out, and cool down. You can mix and match our collection of resistance bands to incorporate the resistance you want for your workout. 

What Can I Do with a Sea Band?

The Sea Bands works well with most workouts that need resistance to activate your muscles. Try your new workout band with shoulder raises, CrossFit, pull-ups, squats, deadlifts, and arm curls. Our bands are

In addition to the Deep Sea Long Band, Suzie B Fitness also offers virtual workout plans that pair with at home and manageable gym routines.

How Long Does the Sea Band Last?

Like the rest of Suzie B Fitness' long bands, the Sea Band is stylish and designed to last. Any workout band will experience some wear and tear, but our bands are designed to last. We also include a complementary case that pops in your gym bag or purse for added convenience and protection.

Can I Wash My Bands from Suzie B Fitness?

Our long bands and glute bands shouldn't be washed in a conventional washer and dryer. Instead, you can soak the band in warm water with soap periodically. We don't recommend doing it often, and only as needed. Lay your bands out to dry.

Sea Bands for Workouts

What Other Items Should I Order?

Our Sea Band comes in long band and glute band options. Use them together to upgrade your workout routine. Long bands are ideal for activating arm and shoulder muscles. Glute bands can be used for:

  • Squats
  • Hip Thrusts
  • Glute Abduction Exercises
  • Lunges Kickbacks and more

We also offer workout accessories. Our shaker bottles are perfect for mixing and carrying your drink to and from the gym. Use it to mix your pre and post workout supplements. The double wall vacuum insulated bottle is free from condensation and keeps drink cold up to 24-hours.

Are Sea Bands Difficult to Use?

Suzie B. focuses on making workouts accessible and un-intimidating. They're easier to use than gym equipment and weights. Our long bands can be used by beginners or workout enthusiasts without a learning curve.

Choose workouts you enjoy and pair with your new Sea Band to see how it works your muscles and transforms your body. As you get accustomed to your workouts and your Sea Bands, you can move into more challenging routines to build-up your endurance. 

How Can I Order?

Ready to buy Suzie B's Sea Bands to give more resistance and power to your workout? Order today or browse our selection of products to find the long band that motivates you to hit the gym.


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