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Are you tired of your old gym routine and feel like your results are growing stale? Are you looking for new ways to utilize the fitness machines? Ankle straps are the perfect option to breathe fresh new life into your workouts, and SusieB Fitness has the best ankle straps for women.

Ankle Strap Uses

Ankle straps go on your ankles and should be fastened snuggly, but comfortably, using Velcro. The ankle straps feature a loop that attaches to the cable on the cable machine, allowing you to work your lower body without the discomfort of typical gym handles. Ankle straps can be used for cable kickbacks, cable hip abductors, cable hamstring curls, and inner thigh contractions. Adding in ankle straps will help take your gym session to the next level.

Benefits of Ankle Straps

What are the benefits of ankle straps? Ankle straps engage your lower body and add a new level of resistance to your cable machine workouts. They can elevate your sessions and allow you to break past barriers that were holding back your progress. They are also far more comfortable, sanitary, and fashionable than the straps provided by gyms.

Another great benefit of ankle straps is their ease of mobility! You can easily fit cable straps in your gym bag for easy transportation to and from your workout sessions. 

White Marble Ankle Straps are the Best Ankle Straps for Women

The White Marble Ankle Straps from SuzieB Fitness are the best ankle straps for women. What makes them so special? They are made with a high level of quality… and they will add a high level of quality to your workout as well! Below, take a look at four key features that make the White Marble Ankle Straps the best ankle straps for women.

Comfortable Material

The soft material on the inside of the ankle straps is far more comfortable against the skin than the traditional straps provided by gyms. Plus, we aren’t the only ones who think these ankle straps are the peak of comfort!

“I’ve been cutting my ankles up using the gym handles for MONTHS,” a SuzieB Fitness customer said in a review. “I’m so glad those days are over. The inside is super soft, and the Velcro strap paired with the hooks make for one sturdy accessory. Never letting these out of my sight!”  


Even though the White Marble Ankle Straps look super cute, they are more than just a fashion statement. In fact, these straps are the perfect combination of fashion and intense durability.

They feature hooks that fasten onto the cable machine and provide maximum strength and sturdiness during your session. You can trust us when we say these ankle straps are made to withstand the most intense of workouts! 

Unique Design 

SuzieB Fitness is constantly pushing the boundaries of fitness and design. With a commitment to innovation, you can expect new designs to be released throughout the year. All of the amazing products at Suzie B Fitness will help keep your workouts fresh.

Customize Your Workout

The White Marble Ankle Straps from SuzieB Fitness are the best ankle straps for women because they are comfortable, fashionable, and designed specifically to breathe fresh new life into your workouts.  

You don’t need to be stuck using the cable machine in the same old way that you always have; and you don’t need to use those stinky, rough gym straps anymore. Customize your workout today with these amazing ankle straps.

Find the Best Ankle Straps for Women at Suzie B Fitness

“Do yourself a favor and just go ahead and buy every item of Suzie’s for your gym bag, including these!” writes a loyal SuzieB Fitness customer.  

We have to say, “We agree!”

The White Marble Ankle Straps from SuzieB Fitness are the perfect way to upgrade your fitness. They are made with you in mind, and they are designed with strength, comfort, and fashion in mind.  

Purchase Ankle Straps Today

SuzieB Fitness has the best ankle straps for women. Don’t miss out! Click here to purchase a pair on our website today!


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